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Tala Charcaol company was built on an area of ​​5000 m2 in the industrial zone of Ben Tre Province, in the raw materials, the products we create something to keep the inherent quality of Coconuts.

The Company's products were sold domestically and exported more than 20 markets around the world such as Europe, Asia, America, Middle East v ... v. Equipped with modern technological systems according to European standards. The company's products are popular to date most of the countries of the world such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, UAE, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey , Croatia, Ukraine, Uruguay. Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Trinidad Tobago, Brazil and New Zealand, Australia, Barbados, The UK, Neatherlands, USA .....

Today we are supplying a range of high quality coconut charcoal & wood charcoall to our customers across the world that can be used for Barbecue, Heating, Shisha and Bukhoor, . We are proud to be one of leading producers of coconut charcoal in Vietnam. We produce our product by recycling agricultural waste from coconut shells to develop alternative charcoal materials that will lessen the environmental impact on our natural environment.

Our goal is to preserve our environment by utilising the natural waste instead of cutting trees to preserve inhabitant’s environment.

For any further information or enquires please call our head of sales
Mr. Aqel Almanasra
Mobile: +841208098828